About Us

We love digital marketing. With a passion.

Everything about it – the way it’s cost-effective, completely trackable, sociable, viral and without a doubt the best marketing bang-per-buck a business could ask for.

Search, social and content marketing have turned the ad industry on its head.

Now you don’t have to chase clients and consumers, fighting hard to gain their attention while they’re doing something else, like watching TV, reading a newspaper or listening to the radio.

Now you can reach those same clients and consumers – for a fraction of the cost – while they are actively searching for your service or solution and convert them into paying customers, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Not only that, you no longer have to guess or fund expensive research to work out what your clients are looking for; digital marketing done right allows near-instant feedback and red hot sales leads.

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George Hopkin LinkedIn | Twitter

George heads up SpecialNoise, working with a distributed team of media professionals and web technologists in the UK, Europe, Canada, the Middle East and South Asia.

A journalist by trade, since his move into digital marketing in 2005 he has worked on campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands in the UK and overseas, including Nokia, Experian and Carrefour.