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David S. Wall

David is a Professor of Criminology in the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, School of Law, University of Leeds where David researches and teaches cybercrime, crime and technology, criminology, criminal justice, and policing. David also has research interests in the organization of crime, intellectual property crime (counterfeiting), the sociology of law and also law and popular culture. David was recently appointed as Turing Fellow and is currently conducting funded research into Cybercrime, Policing Cybercrime, Ransomware, Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Organized Crime and Terror Networks.

Ransomware attacks – how do cybercriminals pull them off?

Ransomware – a form of malware used to steal organisations’ data and hold it to ransom – is a very slippery fish. Not only is it a blended crime, including different offences across different bodies of law, but it’s also a crime that straddles the remit of different policing agencies and, in many cases, countries.