Do you have time for tea with Guerilla ICT?

This digital disrupter start-up wants to revolutionise the way customers consume voice and data. And save them money over a cuppa.

When a new kind of telecoms company, Guerilla ICT, wanted to make waves in the UK’s broadband provision sector, it called for some specialnoise.

We are helping take a bold, simple new message to market – broadband by any means.

Guerilla is changing the way new technology is deployed, consumed, contracted and managed, to bring real benefits to UK businesses. Explaining how to help companies extract themselves from overly complex contracts, save money and enjoy blazing broadband in a matter of hours, maverick company founder Craig Hall only asks for one thing – a cup of tea.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to save your business time, cost and hassle in the time it takes to make a brew?

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