An overview of our services.

Press releases

Press releases remain a vital part of your 2021 marketing mix, but their success is going to depend on how you use them.

Long reads

This is the format your B2B business needs if it is going to find red-hot leads and act on them immediately with confidence.

Case studies

Happy customers represent an opportunity to reach new clients with compelling lessons everyone can pick up and run with.

Email newsletters

The best time to launch a regular email newsletter was last year. Don’t put it off for another year. Your profits are waiting.

Custom news portals

Quality content from credible editorial sources can help develop profitable communities of news watchers.


Audio offers immediate benefits for trust and authority – would-be clients are one step closer when they’ve heard you speak.

“The global corporate conversation is swamped by aimless ‘content dumps’; a different approach is required for 2021.”

george hopkin, chief noisemaker, specialnoise